Inilah 20 disain Apple yang dicuri Samsung

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Jika sebagian dari anda bertanya-tanya paten apa saja yang diributkan oleh Apple pada Samsung maka kami memiliki 20 disain milik Apple yang dibuat miri oleh Samsung. Berikut adalah foto-foto dari disain tersebut :

1. iPhone 3G/3GS design: (source)


2. iPad 2 design: (source)


3. iPod touch design: (source)


4. Maps app interface design (blatantly ripped-off): (source)


5. App Store icons: (source)


6. Apple Retail Store interior design: (source)


7. iPhone 4/4S design: (source)


8. Mac mini: (source)


9. Macbook Air design: (source)


10. Smart Cover: (source)


11: iPad box design: (source)


12: Microphone app design: (source)


13: Camera connection kit: (source)


14. iPad software keyboard: (source)


15. Apple’s stock SMS/Messaging app: (source)


16. Misc. iPad accessories: (source)


17. iPhone charger: (source)


18. Apple-style TV ads (they even used the same girl actress!) – here’s the link:


19. USB dock connector cable: (source)


20. Siri (Samsung calls their copy “S Voice”): (source)

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